Varicose Vein Treatment

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What Are Varicose Veins?

Ultrasound machine for EVLT Treatment

Varicose veins are swollen, bulging veins that protrude from the surface of the skin often with a blue or purplish color. They commonly have a rope-like or cord-like appearance on the skin. Varicose veins are extremely common, affecting up to 15 percent of men and up to 25 percent of women in the United States.

The word ‘varicose’ comes from the Latin root ‘varix’ which means twisted. While veins anywhere in the body can become varicose, the veins most affected by varicose veins are those in the legs (often on the backs of calves or inside of legs). This is due to the larger pressure exerted on these veins from sustained standing, walking or other factors. An example of painful varicose veins found elsewhere in the body is hemorrhoids, which are simply varicose veins found in the anus.

While varicose veins are often unsightly and do cause cosmetic concerns, they can cause very significant symptoms and also be indicative of underlying vein disease, which may progressively get worse if not treated. Varicose vein symptoms (aside from the bulging veins) may include painful varicose veins, leg heaviness, leg fatigue, swelling, skin discoloration, itching and burning.

EVLT – The Most Advanced Treatment For Varicose And Vein Disease


In the past, varicose veins were treated with a surgical procedure called vein stripping, where the vein was completely removed from the leg. Today, Endovenous Laser Therapy (EVLT) is used to deliver laser energy into the malfunctioning vein to seal it closed. It’s precise, painless, and quick.

In preparation for the EVLT procedure, an ultrasound machine is used to examine and map out the shape and size of the veins in your legs. This venous map allows our ultrasonographers and physicians to accurately locate the unhealthy veins that need to be treated. Our physicians will also provide you with a personalized treatment plan that will include the estimated number of treatments that your leg may require.

During the EVLT procedure, you are awake and your leg is numbed with a local anesthetic. A small puncture is made in the leg near the location of the unhealthy vein. A thin fiber-optic probe is inserted through a needle into the vein using ultrasound guidance.
Leg Veins

A highly concentrated beam of light from the laser heats the vein walls which makes them shrink. This causes the unhealthy vein to collapse. The precision of the laser allows the physician to target the vein without affecting the surrounding tissue. Once the vein is sealed closed, it slowly disintegrates while being absorbed by the surrounding soft tissues. The other healthy veins in your leg will then take over the normal blood flow toward the heart.

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